Custom made aluminum pontoons AluminiumJon.nl. These (work) pontoons are built with in the following lengths: 3, 4, 6 and 8 meters. It is also possible to build longer/larger pontoons, which we do on request.

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Which pontoon do you choose

AluminiumJon.nl-Ponton 3 meter-with Yamaha outboard engine-Custom build aluminum pontoons

Pontoon 3 Meter

AluminiumJon.nl-Ponton 4 meter-Aluminium custom build pontoons a.o. suitable for port services

Pontoon 4 Meter

AluminiumJon.nl-Ponton 6 meter-Standard & Heavy Duty-Custom build aluminum work pontoons

Pontoon 6 Meter

AluminiumJon.nl-Ponton 8 meter-with Yamaha outboard engine-Custom build aluminum pontoons

Pontoon 8 Meter

AluminiumJon.nl-on made aluminum pontoons longer than 8 meters, inquire about the possibilities

Pontoon 8 meter Plus

Aluminium (work) pontoons

We build Aluminium pontoons in standard sizes. 3, 4, 6 and 8 meters long with a starting price of €3.000 for a pontoon with a length of 3 meters. We also build larger/longer (work) pontoons on request. Inquire about the possibilities.

Our pontoons are suitable for passenger transport, but also suitable as a work pontoon. Our work pontoons make your work a lot easier, the pontoons can be loaded up to 3500 kg (depending on the length and width).

Other AluminiumJONs

AluminiumJon.nl-BS Series-aluminum console boats are available from 5.5 to 8 meters

BS Series

AluminiumJon.nl-Defense-aluminum jons and BS console boats made to measure


AluminiumJon.nl-JONS-Aluminium Jons from 4 to 8.5 meters and each boat can be made entirely to measure


AluminiumJon.nl-Landing craft-Aluminium landing craft, standard from 6 to 11 meters.


AluminiumJon.nl-Patrol Series-The aluminium Patrol series in developed for rougher water, length 6 or 8 meters

Patrol Series

AluminiumJon.nl-Scuba Series-This aluminum console workboat is specially developed for the professional user.

Scuba Series

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