Aluminium JON Boats

Custom made aluminum jon boats from AluminiumJon. We build JON (work) boats from 4, 15m to 8, 26m fully customised.

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Choose your JON 550-with Yamaha outboard motor

Jon 415 518-Aluminium workboat a.o. suitable for port services

Jon 518 622-Standard & Heavy Duty-Aluminum Boats

Jon 622 722-Jon722-aluminum (work) boat

Jon 722 826-Aluminium work boats-suitable for displacement equipment

Jon 826

Jons from 4 to 8.5 meters designs, builds and supplies custom made aluminium Jons. We have models of Jons from 4 to 8.5 meters and each boat can be custom made. So you can have a Jon set up as a work boat, but also make it suitable for pleasure boating. We, as a Yamaha dealer, equip our jons with Yamaha outboard motors. Another brand (outboard) engine is of course also available.

Other AluminiumJONs

The BS series of are aluminum boats suitable for use at sea. Suitable as a tender and for pleasure boating.

BS Series has several models for defense, custom made JONs can build and deliver. An aluminium Jon is an agile, fast-paced workboat.


Custom made aluminum landing craft. builds these workboats from 6 to 11 meters


The Patrol is a custom built, aluminum boat suitable for sea sports fishing.

Patrol Series

Pontoons, work pontoons and pontoon of aluminium, from 3 to 14 meters long. All custom built by


The Scuba of, from 5.5 to 8 meters. Custom made aluminum boats for boating.

Scuba Series

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