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Built for defense

For the Dutch Ministry of Defence has already been allowed to supply several models of boats. 550-with Yamaha outboard motor

Defense Jon 450 Jon 550-Aluminium workboat a.o. suitable for port services

Defense Jon 550 Jon 550 HD-Standard & Heavy Duty-Aluminum Boats

Defense Jon 550 HD Jon 620 HD-Standard & Heavy Duty-Aluminum Boats

Defense Jon 600 HD Jon 620 HD-Standard & Heavy Duty-Aluminum Boats

Defense BS 800/BS 1000


In cooperation with defence, we have designed the right boats (Jons and BS Serie 800) for various parts of the Dutch armed forces. The designs are fully aligned with the user. The usage purposes of these boats are also different.

Other AluminiumJONs

The BS series of are aluminum boats suitable for use at sea.

BS Series for custom made aluminum JONs, models boats from 4 to 8.5 meters


Custom made aluminum landing craft. builds these workboats from 6 to 11 meters


The Patrol is a custom built, aluminum boat suitable for sea sports fishing. These seaworthy boats from come in different lengths.

Patrol Series

Pontoons, work pontoons and pontoon of aluminium, from 3 to 14 meters long. All custom built by


The Scuba of, from 5.5 to 8 meters. Custom made aluminum boats for boating. To be built entirely according to your wishes.

Scuba Series

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